Friday, April 13, 2012

More Rain

It has been pouring rain here in Socal all day.  It has been cold and stormy and just lovely (well, not to drive in).  Rain is so rare here, people don't know what to do when it rains.  A few people I talked to today didn't even own an umbrella and some were walking around in shorts and flip flops.  Pathetic.  Me, being the Norcal girl that I am, always have an umbrella handy in my car.  Boy did it come to use today!

Leaving my apartment, I have to take care not to step on any snails as I walk to my car.  When it rains, they all come out of their little hiding spots for a walk in the rain. Why is that?

It wasn't raining when I got to campus for my TA class, but when I got out, it was pouring (good thing I thought to bring my umbrella just in case).

 Stylishly, in my hot pink umbrella (some would beg to differ) treading across campus back to my car.

I got soaked by the time I reached my car.  My suede shoes and jeans were soaked.  And they said light showers. Ok, maybe they didn't, I just didn't take them seriously because they are usually really off when it comes to the weather.

Finally in the safety of my car.  Did I mention I got soaked?

View of the rain from my desk at lab :)

 I love makes me so happy! :) Too bad its supposed to warm up on Sunday. God Socal, why can't you be normal!

Here's is a great photo taken last night of lightning striking the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.
Photo was taken by photographer Phil Mcgrew.  What a rare and great picture!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. Love rain! We had quite a storm up here! Missed you but see that you had some of it for yourself!



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