Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday

What a week and what a day.  I have been really good about going to my Pure Barre classes everyday, but today, I messed up the class time and drove all the way over to the class (20 minutes away) only to realize there are no classes at that time.  I WAS PISSED.  I didn't go to lab in the morning so I could exercise and I didn't even get to do that. So as I write this on a Friday night, I am still in lab...feeling blubbery from not working out and frustrated that I got into lab so late.

But, on a good note, my brother is visiting this weekend (he's driving down the 5 as I write this), so I'm excited to see him.  He's coming to visit for my birthday and I'm actually really happy he is.  We used to celebrate our birthdays together when we were younger and then as I got older, I started to have all girls party's and we pretty much haven't celebrated one together at all, so I think maybe this Sunday, we can celebrate both of ours together (not sure how I'm going to do that but I really want to).  I'm also stressed to make sure he has a good time while he's here especially since I have to squeeze in a few stupid experiments this weekend and try to make time to exercise.  Why do I do this to myself.

Anyways...hope everyone had/has a great Friday and an even better weekend to come!

I thought this was too cute.  Makes me miss my kitty...even though she probably doesn't even notice I'm gone as long as she gets fed.  


  1. As long as Pishi gets fish at least once a week, she's happy! And I'm sure she'd love to put her paw in your fish tank.

  2. Happy some VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!!



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