Monday, April 23, 2012

Beach Day

One of my friends is visiting from her very short break from med school and we decided to go to the beach for a picnic on Sunday to celebrate her return and for making it through her first semester.  Although it was her special day, her sister surprised me by bringing a birthday cake and flowers (it's my birthday this coming weekend).  I didn't expect anything and it was very sweet of her. She is always so thoughtful.

Although I was really excited for this day out and had taken the time off weeks in advance, I really wasn't all there mentally.  I think I've just had a lot going on this week with life, school and this new exercise routine, that I really couldn't relax.  I was also so stressed about ruining my diet with pizza (2 nights in a row) that I really didn't enjoy the cake either. This whole "diet" and exercise thing is killing me.  10 days of pure barre classes and I see no improvement (although they guaranteed a change in 10 days).  I know, I takes time...whatever...blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Laguna Beach was cloudy and cool (not too cold thankfully) unlike the rest of Socal which was in the mid 80's.  Weird weather I tell you!

 My very handy and super cute/cool beach bag! I finally got to use it!

 It was actually very good pizza!

 I brought a healthy choice, pineapple slices, so I wouldn't eat the cookies (which I did!)

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  It was so good.  Why??? 

 Beach homes are always so beautiful!

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