Monday, April 16, 2012

Creative Knits

I am working on my fourth shawl at the moment. It is a black shawl with a lace-like pattern.  Why black you may ask (you and everyone else I've told)?  Black because I wanted something to match my black coat (in particular when I go to the mosque and need something black for an occasion that requires black) and I couldn't find a nice black shawl that I liked.  But, unfortunately, I can't seem to make the time to sit and knit.

Knitting was supposed to be a hobby and really more for stress-relief, something to pass the time away while watching TV (I can't just sit and watch TV, I get bored really fast) but every time I sit to knit, it is one of the most stressful experiences I have ever had!  I get so frustrated when the stitches don't look just right and of course (being a newby) I add a stich, or lose a stich (I am forever losing stitches) or just lose my place in the pattern and 10 rows later realize it.  So, I pull it all out and start again or if I can for the life of me figure out how many stitches too pull off to return to a place I can manage to start from, I will be very lucky and not have to start from scratch. So alas, knitting is not for me what it is for most people.  I start something and force myself to finish it just because I get tired of looking at my knitting bag sitting in the corner with a half finished project.  Once I finish I get so excited that I made something nice that I start a new project and the cycle of frustration and annoyance continues.    

So, whenever I see knitted items, I get all excited and make a list of items I am eventually going to make (like I am now) and then I realize the above.  Arg!

I totally want something like this! It's the perfect bag for my knitting stuff! :)

 Apples get cold too you know!!

For the men, desperate to grow facial hair!  Look no further!

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  1. Keep knitting! It will EVENTUALLY become relaxing!



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