Friday, March 16, 2012

Where did all the money go

So once again we have drained through our funds for lab.  My PI had an absolute conniption fit, so I heard.  I wasn't there to see it, THANK GOD, but apparently he kept going on and on about how we need to cut back on our orders and so forth.  What I don't understand is how he expects us to do research if we don't have the necessary equipment.  On top of that, he said only run experiments we have items for and borrow things if you need.  So I have to rip off another lab because we are too cheap to buy our own stuff?  Am I missing something? I also got accused of ordering the wrong antibodies, and when I looked back I couldn't find anything wrong, but apparently it seems the other graduate student (once again) made me look like an idiot by saying, oh we already had that, I don't know why she ordered another one.  Fabulous, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  For your information smart one, I ordered the correct items, just from a different company because I WAS TOLD TO DO SO and maybe it would improve the results.

He also "jokingly" told one of the grad students that because we ordered so many items, he might have to fire one of the grad students.  There are only 3.  One is on full scholarship (the golden child), the other is getting ready to graduate, and that leaves pathetic old me.  Great, now I have to worry about that too.  FANTASTIC.

What really makes me mad is when I joined the lab, my PI told me he had funding for one extra grad student.  Little did I know, he expected me to TA every quarter and little did he know there would be very little TA-ships.  Jerk!

I guess this is what it means to be a grad student.  No wonder people don't go for PhD's.  I'm an idiot.

So if I get fired, flower shop with daddy's money here I come!

Today I was supposed to start my vacation.  What a way to start my relaxation.  I'm so stressed I'm going to explode.

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  1. LOVE the chart - that's the way I even feel on the weekends!



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