Monday, March 12, 2012

Guess who's feeling better

Spots is back from home from his hospital tank.  Poor little guy has had a traumatizing experience.  When I was taking him out of his quarantine tank, he hit his head on everything and anything, trying to avoid the net. The first attempt to get him out caused me to get soaked with water from all his flipping and wiggling. When I finally got him into the net the second time, he went limp and I quickly moved him into the tank.  Once I got the net in the tank, he slowly swam out (as if he hadn't been making such a fuss of it), and made his way to the bottom of the tank where Fishi was.  Once he saw her, it was amazing to watch, he quickly went to her and put his head under her belly and she just let him (she usually runs away from him when he starts to nudge her) and she came right up to him and wouldn't leave each others side. Over the next few hours, everywhere that Fishi went, Spots followed.  It was too cute.  He's now home and seems to be his usual self. Thank God!

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