Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIY Glittered Eggs

Colored eggs are a big part of the new year spread.  This year I decided to blow out eggs and dose them glitter.  This way I get to keep them around for next year and I don't waste eggs or glitter :D

What you'll need:
Glitter (colors galore)
Tacky Glue
Syringe and Needle
Paint Brush

Pierce both sides of the eggs with a sharp needle (be careful not to crack the egg).  Make sure one hole is larger than the other to allow for the yolk to be "blown" out.   Carefully, with air in the syringe, squeeze out the yolk (save for scrambled eggs).  Take care to not apply too much pressure so as not to burst the egg shell.

 Rinse the eggs with water to remove any residual yolk and egg matter.  Leave to dry overnight.

The next day, paint the eggs with tacky glue and then roll around in glitter.

I do half of the egg at a time, let it dry, and then glue and roll the other half.  


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  1. You are amazing! They're beautiful! Mashallah!



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