Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am in love with these cute pieces of jewelry from Ruche.  I can't decide which I love more.  They are all so unique and chic!

Lively Vines Wooden Indie Earrings

Isle Au Haut Flower Indie Earrings

 Feather Mirage Peacock Necklace 

 Perched Dove Necklace 

 Heirloom Indie Flower Necklace 

 Rain Drops Falling Necklace 

 Moon Earrings

Hopeless Romantic Indie Necklace

 Starlight Flower Earrings

Tigers Eye Ring

 Teak Bangle (I wish I could fit into bangles)

1 comment:

  1. They're really beautiful! Where can one buy some??? $$$$???



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