Monday, January 9, 2012

With Good Company

One of my best friends was visiting from out of town Sunday, and I decided to take her to, what I thought would have been, a "good" breakfast spot.  I was quite disappointed in the food, the prices, and the serving size, but nonetheless, I was in good company and it was great :) I ate my food really slow to not get too frustrated with the small portion for the price I paid. Of course, I had to get some tea.  I loved their little hot water pot :)

Haute Cakes Cafe 

By the way, they ONLY gave me 4 pieces of fruit.  Very generous of them.

I got a great little sweater from Anthropologie for $20 (original $158). 
Steal deal? I think so...

Interesting looking flowers and beautiful colors.  They looked like cabbage, maybe they were.


  1. You look so cute in the new sweater!

    1. Don't you LOVE white tablecloths, cloth napkins, tea services in ceramics....sigh...the nice things of rare.....



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