Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things That Make No Sense

There are quite a few things that really get to me when I am out shopping.  Shopping has become quite taxing over the past few years with the loss of high quality, chic and affordable clothing.  Most of the time, I just peruse the aisles and end up so frustrated with the prices, quality of the fabrics and cuts that I charge out of the store, vowing to never shop again.  I don't want to dress like a 16 year old with holes in my clothes or jeans so tight, I can't breath.  Why can't there be something that is both chic, classy and yet reasonable (on a students budget), and well, that possibly fits with my personal style.

What is this? Why can't they just hem the skirt.  How tacky!

Why would you wear something with ants all over it? This dress was $100 by the way.

Torn Jeans?? Why would you pay money to wear something torn?  
I am not old fashioned, this trend just needs to stop.  It is not chic.

On another note, what is going on with people and bringing their dogs into stores.  Animals should not be allowed in the store, PERIOD.  Not just for cleanliness reasons, but some people have allergies and dog hair gets all over everywhere. God forbid you have severe allergies and you bring something home with dog hair all over it.  Be respectful of others and leave your furry friends at home. 

At the Anthropologie store:

Really, again? This dog kept dragging his behind all over the floor...I could no get out of there faster.  

At the Apple store:

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE animals (more of a cat person myself), but nonetheless, I love all furry animals, but there place is not in stores, especially not clothing or grocery stores.  There needs to be a law passed for this...


  1. Completely agree with everything you said! I tend to buy more classics looks now (banana, new york & company) rather than trendy (which currently can be trashy). And yeah dogs should NOT be indoors...especially "just puppies" that are huge.

  2. Having animals (except for seeing-eye dogs) in stores is just unacceptable! I think we need to start complaining when we see it, or right the company headquarters.



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