Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Run In With Life

So this has been a very interesting and hectic week.  It was the first week of school and I was super excited about the class I am taking this quarter (Cancer Biology).  It is finally something relevant to my field of interest and I am hoping to learn as much as I can from it (since I really don't study anything on my own).  The first class was a basic intro into Cancer, stuff I had already learned in undergrad, but nonetheless great to hear again.  The second class was on the pathology of cancer and something I knew nothing about.  Being super excited for this class, I unusually leave the house late and get to campus 5 minutes before the start of class.  I am being cheap this quarter as well and decided not to buy a permit and instead opted to get a day permit for a few hours.  Little did I know, depending on what section of campus you are parking, the price per hour is more expensive.  So realizing that I would have to pay $8 for 2 hours, I decide to move my car at the last minute (already late so who cares) to a section that will only charge me $4 for 2 hours.  I luckily find a spot to park quickly, get the permit, run back to my car, put it on my dashboard and make a run for class in my not so great shoes (why do I do this to myself). 

I make it to class about 10 minutes late.  I come to open the class door and it is locked.  You have got to be kidding m!.  I think to myself, idiot, you were so late that they moved the class.  Luckily someone hears my tapping and opens the door.  I walk into class and stand at the door for 30 seconds, looking around myself in comeplete confusion, as I can't recognize anyone in the class.  I didn't recognize the professor either, as this class has rotating instructors.  A new one everyday or every week.  So finally it occurs to me to just sit, but I keep pausing.  Eventually I turn to the guy nearest the door and ask him if this is indeed Cancer Bio and he looks at me, like the idiot that I am, and says YES, it is!.  So I sit down and try to get myself together, pull out my notebook and pencil and start to listen to the lecture when all of a sudden my nose starts to run.  Thankfully I had a tissue, so I bend down to get and it and all of a sudden (thankfully in time) realize my nose is bleeding.  Completely mortified, I grab the tissue and quickly run out of class and to the bathroom (which of course took me a while to find).  So grabbing all the tissue I could, I could not get my nose to stop bleeding.  I did also the fancy bending and pinching I could think of but nothing. 

For what seemed like eternity (probably really only 10-15 min) my nose kept bleeding.  All the while I am thinking, why now.  Why when I actaully have a class that I care about does this happen.  It's not that hot outside, I don't have a cold and I definitely am not looking for an excuse to skip class.  Eventually I realize the angrier I get the longer it;s going to take for this blasted nose to stop.  Eventually it seems to start clotting up, and I get back to class, with a wad of napkins in one hand.  I am so unfocused over all this it really takes me a while to get myself together again.  The class goes on and I learn quite a lot, but all the while feeling so embarrassed that this new lecturer thinks I am a disrespectful student who probably could care less about where I am and who he is (Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine).  Little did he know I was just having one of those days.  So class finishes and I walk back to my car to realize that in the rush of things, not only did I not lock my car, but I hadn't actually gotten a parking pass for 2 hours, but for 1 hour instead.  By Gods mercy I did not get a ticket.  If I had, I can't even tell you what I would do.

Moral of the story, get your lazy @#$% out of the house earlier next time and always have a tissue on hand!     

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