Friday, January 20, 2012

The 39 Steps

I'm the type of person that usually has to have things planned ahead of time and I'm not really one to do spur of the moment things.  But, at the last minute I was given 2 tickets ("invited dress rehearsal") to see a play by a very dear friend who wasn't going to be able to go.  It happened to be at 7:30pm that evening (yesterday).  I thought about it for a while and decided it wouldn't be bad idea to go (as I really couldn't think of anyone else to give the tickets to and we don't really do much during the school year).  So my dear husband agreed to come with me (I felt so bad for pulling him away from his work) and we planned to go.  We left late and we hit some traffic and ended up getting there about 15 minutes late (all the while my heart was just pounding until we got there as I was so excited to see it), but ended up not missing that much.

This play was very different from most plays I've been to.   At first it was hard to get accustomed to the way they were doing things, but it ended up being an amazing play.

The story line involves a man who is trying to help a German counterespionage agent who is murdered.  He is accused of her murder and goes on the run to both clear his name and stop the stealing of some top secret information.   The concept of the play requires a cast of 4 and due to this, each cast member plays multiple roles throughout the play and also multiple roles within the same scene, thereby making this a very comedic reenactment of a serious thriller story.


I want to see it again!!! :)

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  1. There's something so much fun about a live play! Remember Midsummer Night's Dream at SCU? What fun! And small theaters are the best! You had good seats.



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