Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tribute to a great man!

I wish I could have met you.  I wish I had a chance to learn from you.  I wish you could have taught me all that you knew.  I didn't get any of your artistic talents (I tried, I have a few paintings, but believe me, they are pitiful), but maybe you passed your great riding skills onto me.  They (my instructor and of course greatest fan, that being your daughter) say I'm a natural.  Who knows, I don't think so, but I do know that I love it!  If you were here, you could have taught me!

Besides being a great artist and painter, my grandfather was also an amazing equestrian, so I'm told.  That, maybe, is the one thing that was passed onto me (well assuming the horse doesn't collapse on me and my back cooperates).

I wish there could have been a way for me to learn all about his life (cough, mother, book already!!) and all that he had done.  This blog, compiled by an admirer, is a mere snapshot of the many amazing things that he did during his life.  I grew up with his paintings and the stories, but there is so much more to know!

I wish I had known you Jan Domela!

Following in the footsteps of my grandfather!
I should point out, I was cantering without irons! 

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