Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Broach Bouquets

These bouquets are absolutely beautiful! I wish I had known/thought about this when I was getting married.  Nonetheless, now I am on a mission to collect even MORE pins and make a bouquet :D Haha!

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

Photo Credit: Sargeant Studios

Photo Credit: My Amethyst

 Photo Credit: Arielyve

Photo Credit: Noaki

And my favorite:
Photo Credit: Blooming Brooch Bouquets


  1. Exquisite! Are they attached to a styrofoam ball? I particularly like the last two - beautiful. Where does one find such interesting pins? Guess you'd better start a pin collection! Check out this website:

  2. Ooohhh, I found this wonderful site - check it out!



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