Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunny days here I come

This has been a really long and busy week.  I've been in lab real late everyday trying to get experiments to work and the weather has not been cooperating either. I've just been feeling really blaaa these days.  So, as a treat to myself, I bought a new bag/tote.  It reminded me of the beach and therefore it's my new beach bag :) It's made of canvas, therefore one would assume its washable, so it seems practical to be beach bag!  

I think its adorable with its cute blue stripes and I can even wear it two different ways.  I have to admit, I also bought a matching striped shirt as well :D hehe!! Ima look cute at the beach ;) It wasn't the greatest deal, but I just had to have it and it makes me happy and that's what's important right??? Right! My husband says its very Newport Beach-ish, so I'll fit in just fine now ;)

1 comment:

  1. How cute!! And a shirt to match! Stylish....:)

    Uhhh, how many bags do you want me to bring back up to add to the other bags that are in your three closets up here?..... :) !



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