Monday, February 27, 2012

New Home for My Babies

It took me most of Sunday to set this tank up (and its not finished yet).  I made a lot of mess and got fish water everywhere.  The clean up took even longer than the set up (I spent over an hour cleaning the kitchen floor, I'll explain later)...but their new home is almost complete.

Here are some pictures of my adventure.

I bought all these decorations (bridge, rock, cave) to see which one would look best, since I couldn't decide at the store.  I wanted them to have a cave/hole that they could hide in, but I couldn't find anything that would be big enough for them and sadly, I'm going to return everything and find something else.  The decorations just took up too much space in the tank and I want Fishi and Spots to have room to swim.

Fishi's getting ready to move in.  Poor baby was having a panic attack. I couldn't get these fish in the bag to save my life.  It took me forever.  I didn't realize how big they were.  I didn't take a picture of Spots, but when I FINALLY got him in the bag, in came a little pebble too, and boy did he entertain himself with that.  He kept popping it in his mouth, and spitting it back out for the 30 minutes that he was in that bag.  It was hilarious.  

Almost set up...I need more plants and some rock formation of sorts.  Looking at this tank makes me stress about how I'm going to clean it :( 

 I made them a litte hiding spot with plants and now they won't come out of there.

They snuggled up so much with the plants that they've already pulled one off its weight.... 

 and now its we go again...

I really hope this tank will be a good home for them (for a while).  As my husband pointed out last night: you swore when we got the little tank you would never get a bigger one, and now we got this thing and you're swearing that you're never going to go bigger.  Every time you swear you won't do something, you do...I think this is a bad sign.  Hmm...lets hope not :D 


I bought a few more pieces to add, and their new home is finally complete :)


  1. Love those fishies! Can I have a home like theirs? I love the little pagoda - I want to swim in and around it too!



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