Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let me introduce you...

to my cute, adorable, funny and crazy goldfish.  The orange one is Fishi (yes I know, very original) and the white/orange one is Spots (yes, he has a dogs name).  I should mention that Spots got his name because from the time I got him, he's been missing scales (that won't grow back no matter what I do) and that look like spots depending on the angle he's at.

I've had Fishi for over 3 years now and Spots for about 2.  I will have to go into the story of how I got them at a later time, but these characters are quite unbelievable.  I've grown up having many a pet goldfish, but never like these two.  They drive me nuts and yet, I love them to death.  If anything happens to them, I panic like only a mother would/could.  My husband thinks i'm nuts, but that's for a later time! :D

So it is time for their monthly water change (actually its 2 weeks past their water change) and as a friendly reminder, they do the craziest things.  This is just one example of the MANY things that they have done to get my attention.

If you can't figure out what's wrong with this picture, their bridge is knocked over.

Yes, I know their tank is really small, and no I am not abusing my goldfish by keeping them contained in a small space (ok maybe I am, I'm a terrible mother).  I live in an apartment that has a NO PET rule, which ridiculously includes goldfish.  How would they know I have pets you ask?  Because the @#$%^ actually come and do monthly so called "smoke detector" inspections and therefore a huge tank would be quite visible. I can't afford a $400 fine.  

I'm working on getting them larger living quarters, I just don't know where to put it.

Just imagine if they had all this space...oh the swimming they could do! It breaks my heart.  My poor babies :'(


  1. Fishi and Spots! Greatest two little fish on earth! Yayyy!



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