Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Cord Organizer

I hate messy cords (well anything messy really) and I hate not being able to ever find a cord that I need, when I need it. Our cords were spewed across various drawers and I just couldn't take it anymore. I decided that it was time to organize the cords (chargers for kindle, ipod, external hard drives....) all into one nice and neat box.

Oh, it brings tears to my's so organized!

All you need:
A box (mine is 8" x 8") or any size box that will store all your cords
Cardboard box to cut into size as inserts
Pretty paper
 My nice little box

I cut 3 inserts from a cardboard box to make 6 slots in the box.
 All inserts were 4.5" high x 8" wide. Cut 2 slits into all three pieces so that they fit into each other nicely.

Cover with pretty paper or cardstock.

 Fit into the box like so... 

 Organize your cords from this:
To this:

and....Voila...a beautiful masterpiece of organization!

All nicely put away on the shelf for use when needed.

I used these velcro self gripping strips/cable ties to organize the cords. A packet of 100 (comes in a total of 4 rolls) was $7 on Amazon and they're reusable and work for all shapes and sizes of cords. They're wonderful...I've already used one roll on all the things I could find in the house that could use wrapping.

They are pre-cut 8" long strips that come on a roll. You just need to peel off a piece and you're good to go.

Happy Organizing!

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