Monday, April 1, 2013

Vacation Fun

Surprisingly i'm still exhausted from my mini break last week.  What is it about vacations that make you more tired at the end of them.  Isn't the whole point of a vacation to get some rest and relaxation?  It seems every time I take a break from school/work, it's harder to get back into it.  And, well, it's Monday, and I hate Mondays.  But on a happier note, i'm only 4 days away from another weekend :D haha!
Here are a few snippets from last last weekend.   

Coffee date with my mum at Le Pain Quotidien :)

We did some quick shopping and found some cute things!! Check out her new bangles :) I'm so jealous she can fit into bangles....

My mom has a love for elephants.  She has a small collection of elephant figurines, and I think this necklace adds perfectly to her collection :)

The hubby and I took a short trip to the beach last Tuesday.  It was really lovely to finally have some time together.  It's been a while and as with all great things, too short! One of my favorite beaches is Corona Del Mar.  The view from the top of the cliff is amazing and we got lucky with wonderful weather! 

Coffee and Sprinkles Cupcakes

Cinnamon sugar and my favorite, pumpkin.




A small hint of a rainbow made its way across the sky :)

Grilled chicken with mediterranean salad from Pita Grill.  It's was spicy, but oh so good.
 My husbands niece and nephew left last Monday and my in-laws house was filled with their toys.  The toys had to be sorted back into their respective bins (Legos in one, cars in another, blocks in their box...) before they could be put away, but somehow the men got distracted with "organizing" and ended up playing.  The next hour and half of the evening was spent playing with Legos.

I made a pretty little garden, while trying to sort out the cars and blocks from the legos :D

that was then attacked by a fighter jet/machine thingy...sad day for my pretty garden...sigh, MEN!

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  1. I love all your pics! The beach was so beautiful and looked like such a nice rest. The legos! Wouldn't you know it!!



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