Thursday, April 4, 2013

History Channel Interview

Yesterday was a crazy cool day.  Our PI was chosen to be interviewed by the History Channel for two shows called "Ancient Aliens" and "Invasion: Earth".  Our lab has nothing to do with aliens and I don't think anyone in the lab really even believes that we have come from aliens and/or that aliens invaded earth and passed their DNA onto us (sorry Scientologists), but they were interviewing about general science questions for their show, so it seemed anyways. 

We had to clean up the lab the day before, get things organized and presentable for the camera.  I'm always down for clean/organize anything :D so I felt right at home with that.  We also had to make sure, if we were in the lab when they were filming to be on our best safety behavior.  Meaning, lab coats, gloves and goggles on at all times.  We normally only wear gloves and the rest of the stuff is worn when we feel like it (ha!), but in case OSHA or EH&S watched or saw...we could get into trouble :D but luckily, they didn't film us, and we actually ended up having to be really quite during the filming, so we just sat around and know, moral support and all. 

It was cool to watch the set up and the interview, and hear our PI answer their questions with great ease and eloquence.  They do some neat things while setting up...I'm going to keep some of the secrets for now :D They may or may not come back later to film some of us doing "cool sciency things" as they called it, but for now I'm going to try to avoid the camera if at all possible, but it was cool to be a part of this nonetheless.  The show is supposed to air sometime in the Fall, so I'm sure we'll know more later and I'll have more details to share.

Makeup time :D

Shirt change...he matched with the darkness too much.

Interview time...

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  1. Great! I can hardly wait to see the show! I bet it was a lot of fun!



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