Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Must Have Gadget - Progessive Slicer

OMG, do I have a super cool gadget to show you.  Introducing my new, super cool, must have, totally in love with, progressive (anything you want that's squishy) slicer!  Welcome to my new new, lazy womens tool! AKA, the Progressive Compact Egg Slicer.

Basically, it can slice through anything that is soft.  It comes with 3 different slicer plates.  So far, I have sliced through eggs, mushrooms, olives (3 at a time) and strawberries.  Just be careful, the metal "blades" (which aren't really blades) aren't secured that well into the orange piece (whatever it's called).  It works great, but the little slicer metal "blades" can break away easily.  But, other than's SUPER AWESOME and TOTALLY MAKES MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER/FUNNER/ORGANIZED.


  1. You would find something so marvelous! Where did you get it?

  2. Genius! you find the coolest gadgets :) I'm still planning on that apple slicer thing from your last must have post lol



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