Sunday, January 13, 2013

Under Kitchen Sink Organization

I hate nothing more than a messy area under the kitchen sink.  I store a lot of stuff under there, from kitchen towels to cleaning chemicals and plastic bags. When it's messy, not only can I not find anything, but I also get the feeling that everything under there gets dirty and needs to be sanitized (don't know why!).

So, I finally got around to cleaning it all up.  I got a larger drawer to store all the towels.  I also got rid of cleaning solutions that I never use and bought an over the door rack to store the plastic tablecloths we occasionally use to eat on (when sitting on the floor Persian style).  I even (finally) found Command clips to hook up the dishwashing gloves.  I had been looking for these everywhere, and the reason I never found them was because they are not in the "hook" aisle, they are in the stationary asile.  Um, makes noooo sense to me.



Large ice tray I use for storing plastic bags.  This does not fit in our freezer...I mean...why waste all that space for ice.  

My hubby bought me this to store all our cleaning stuff, and it's been great.  Easy to take out, easy to carry around and stores everything we need to clean the place.    

Oh Command Clip, how have I lived without you for so long.  

The tablecloths stay clean and organized in this over the door tray.  

YAY for tidy spaces!


  1. You are toooo amazing for words! I can't believe how great it looks! So, when are you coming up to do my "under-the-sinks"???

  2. I second that Yay! I get so much satisfaction about organized spaces :) but I really need to do this soon in our bathroom..
    ps. I bought this set of blue and white green tea cups yesterday and thought of you!

    1. Can't wait to see it Samaa!! Blog update please!!!! :) <3

  3. Looks great!! I saw this on IHeart Organizing! It will so easy to find what you need now!



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