Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's see how long this will last

So, as part of my new resolutions, I am trying to take control of things I can change.

First: How much TV I watch.  
I watch a lot, well sort of "watch".  I have the TV on when I'm cleaning, blogging, doing menial tasks and especially when I come home exhausted.  I just want to crash on the coach for a few minutes, have a snack and not think about life.  I don't really watch watch TV, I'll watch 20 minutes then get bored with the show halfway and go on doing other things while the TV is still on.  It's kind of a weird habit to explain.  I just have it on to keep me "busy".  Does that even make sense?  My first question however is, whyyy are all the shows I wanna see on during the school year?? Conspiracy anyone? There's never anything on during the weekends or during the holidays. I have decided that I will denote 2 hours of TV watching a week and then catch up with my other shows later on the weekend (hello On Demand!).  What does this mean?  This means that Monday through Friday, the TV is only on for 2 hours.  Let's see how long this lasts.

Secondly:  Exercise...Pure Barre is back.
I had to take a break from Pure Barre a few months back because of feet pain.  Yes, they incessantly have some issue they like to torture me with.  I got new orthotics and life seems to be back to "normal" for now.  I have signed up to get back into lifting, toning and burning starting tomorrow night.  I am hopeful that this time I can keep with it and also incorporate some cardio (ie gym), but we'll see.  I'm not going to get ahead of myself just yet.  For now...I'm going to take it slow...let's see how long this lasts, HA!

Third:  Eat better.
I am going to try to cut out my sugar intake.  I have a crazy sweet tooth...I die for chocolate.  It's bad.  So, I am going to try, once again (I've done this before...lasted 2 weeks) to have only a few pieces of something sweet during the week (if any) and leave the weekend to treat myself to frozen yogurt or something delicious.  I am also going to try to have more salads for dinner.  Just salad and not a BIG hunk of a meal.  I will have to break this occasionally when I go over to my in-laws for dinner...for many reasons.  I am also going to try to eat less rice.  This has worked and I've managed to keep this up for the past year.  I don't make rice at home unless I need to or we have guests over.  So, in essence there are weeks where we go without eating rice.  I think it's much healthier and has really helped me keep my weight...although the sugar has not :D so, really I'm just picking sweets over rice :D

Fourth:  Focus focus focus on school.
It's been hard to really focus and get motivated.  I drag myself to lab, force myself to pretend i'm interested and it's not going so well.  I don't know...maybe I'm still burnt out, maybe I just don't care for school anymore, maybe all the other things that I think about are weighing me down.  I have loads to read and I get so bogged down in the details and lack of understanding that it kills me and I give up.  I really don't know how I got through college and my master's and even the first year of this PhD program.  I was really motivated.  What the hell happened?? Now all I want to do it read all the home/decor/organization blogs i've come across, check out pinterest and find new things to blog about.  Not so's definitely not helping me or anybody else, and in fact, makes me more depressed.  Everyone seems to have a perfect house, perfect family, and loads of money to spend.  Obviously, that's far from the truth...but it's amazing how you start to live your life through others.  Anyways...I'm going to see if I can change this bad brain habit.  I don't know how...but I'm going to try to find a way for myself to get back into the swing of things.

Maybe exercising, eating better and less TV will help????  Maybe I should really slap in less blogging really takes up a lot of time.  

I really should have been born a cat.  Sleep all day, play for a few hours, sleep some more.  That's the life.

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  1. Pishis have it tough too but like a Pishi, you'll succeed (land on your feet) because you're determined! Bravo!!



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