Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bangles Galore

I spent a few hours on Saturday quickly shopping for a few gifts for friends and family for upcoming birthdays and weddings.  On my quest to find the perfect gifts, I stumbled upon a display of bangles that were to die for.  I have a "hinged" bangle obsession, in addition to the many other obsessions that I have.  I have really big hands or bones...not sure which, and can't wear bangles no matter how hard I try or how much Vaseline I slather them with...bangles just won't slip on.  So, when I come across a bangle that is hinged, I jump for it.  However, I contained myself this time...but it might not happen again.

It was a really lovely cloudy and wet of those rare days here in SoCal that I cherish.

It started to get very misty and cold as the fog began to roll in.  It's wonderful living near the ocean.  I tried to get a picture to show the clouds rolling in, but just imagine walking through a layer of white mist floating over you.  It was very surreal. 


  1. What a wonderful display of bangles, but better yet is the misty rainy weather...sigh!

  2. awwww u shopping, makes me miss you so muchhhhhhh!!!! :S



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