Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Berenstain Bears and The Messy Room

One of my all time favorite series of books when I was small was the Berenstain Bears.  My favorite book from that series was (guess??) The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room.  I think I might even still have it somewhere and if I don't, I'm getting it (mom??).

I can't tell you how many times I flipped through the pages of that book.  How many times I stared at the pictures and in my own head tried to organize their room.  Where would I put the peg board? Where would I put the toy chest?  The best part of the book was the final product, when they had put everything away and their closet was filled with color coded and labeled boxes.  It sounds insane, but I enjoyed that book so much.  I always remember how and what they did to organize things and I think subconsciously really learned from that.

Now, I always thought I was the only weirdo who loved that book and just wholeheartedly embraced every page.  Funny thing, I'm not.

Check out this post: 8 Truth About Home Organization I learned from the Berenstain Bears.

The best part of this article and my moto in life:  if you're going to organize something, make it look good...why not?  This is where my new OXO storage containers fit in.  I spent way too much on them, but every time I see them in my pantry, I smile :) I still need one more :D

4. Make it pretty. 
I'm not gonna lie — my very favorite part of this book was the lovely, pastel-colored boxes that seemed to nest perfectly into the cubs' closet. Years later, I still get a trace of that same satisfaction when I go to Ikea or the Container Store and see all their beautiful storage solutions. Sometimes I feel it when I look at my own closet. You probably like pretty things, too, or you wouldn't be reading a design site. So go the extra mile, maybe spend a little extra money to make your storage systems lovely to look at. Cleaning up will be that much more satisfying.

Look at those organized boxes! 

There is a little person inside me smiling big right now :)


  1. I'd forgotten about that book - will see if I can find it. My beautifully organized one!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS that was totally one of my FAVE books too! That and this other book about a family moving and unpacking all their stuff..weird :) I think I've just spent well over an hour reading your blog, love it :) Thank you soo much for your super sweet comment over at my blog too, it honestly made my day :) Hope that you're having a beautiful and blessed Ramadan too! When I read one of your posts last night it reminded me that I'm super behind on my Quran too, so I was inspired to try and catch up a bit. Btw, loved your outfit at Seaworld!



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