Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Fun

So, I managed to get most of what I wanted accomplished this weekend, except for the most important thing, my pre-advancement proposal.  I'm in a weird place with my brain right now, and just don't really care at the moment.

But, here are some snapshots of my weekend, aka work avoidance.  Pictures of new and improved balcony to come :)

The sight of flowers brightens up my day.  Love flower shopping.

New babies are seat belted in for protection :)

I don't normally take pictures of myself...but I really liked my scarf :D

A great weekend isn't complete until I go to my ultra-favorite store, TJMaxx.  Now, if I had the room for this, I would have definitely bought it.  How much cheese do you think I could grate with that? 

Don't worry...I didn't buy these, I bought tons of other stuff.  Mwahahaha.  My house is now officially packed and I have no room for anything. cabinet space left. Zero!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It's always such a disappointment when I go. They swear their products are made fresh everyday, but everytime, either their strawberries are molded (YES, MOLDED) or their green apples are brown inside. What the heck? They also had a section complete with Dog treats. Great, now human and dog treats are being sold together. Does anyone else seem to find this a bit ODD?

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