Thursday, May 3, 2012

My 28th Birthday

As i've gotten older I've started to care less about my birthday (so I tell myself).  Who cares if no one remembers, who cares if I don't get anything, it's really not that important...bla bla bla, but when my birthday arrives, I get all excited and start to have expectations.  Isn't that terrible?  My birthday was on Sunday and my brother was visiting and my husband had planned a few things for me.  I was really excited about all of them and really looking forward to spending some time with family.

The plan was to go out for breakfast, then to the park for a picnic, then meet up with some friends for bowling.  Sounds boring to most people, but I rarely have time to do things with my husband and brother.  Well, the breakfast plan didn't happen and I was a bit disappointed (actually very disappointed).  I was looking forward to a nice breakfast but we went to bed so late that no one woke up in time.  Oh well...but the picnic was great.  It was very casual, relaxing and just what I needed.  It was just me, the hubby, the brother, brother-in-law and father-in-law (mother-in-law was out of town) and the weather was perfect.

It was really funny to watch a bunch of men plan a picnic.  They tried really hard but they forgot quite a few things, it was a bit unorganized but I still enjoyed it and appreciated everything that they did for me.  It was very sweet and heart felt.  My husband worked very hard to make it perfect.

I got tons of really awesome gifts and I was very surprised by all of them.  I felt a bit spoiled that day and it was actually a nice feeling...I just wish my parents were there to celebrate with me and then I would have felt complete.  As you can tell, my pictures are better quality.  What does that mean you ask? I got a new camera.  YAY!  Now lets try not to break this one!

First picture with my new camera.  Isn't it beautiful.  Isn't the hubby wonderful?

Bling bling :)

The hubby made tuna fish. 

These little guys came for a visit.  They came right up to the picnic blanket...I think they wanted food.

We had issues with the candles.  I of course was helping put candles on my own cake...they're guys, what do you expect ;)

Super cool bowling shoes!

My brother lying on the floor because he lost! So embarrassing let me tell you.

Hubby's got some skill!

I have none...

 Pizza at Pizza Hut afterwards.  

Coffee at Pete's

My birthday outfit!

It was a great day...I was sad that it had to end and that I had to go to work the next day, but c'est la vie!

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  1. Wish we could've been with you...looked like lots of fun! Great camera! What a wonderful hubby you have!



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