Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Cord Labels/Organizer

We've all had those moments when you need to unplug something from the surge protector and there are 50 cords (well more like 6) and you don't know which is which.  You yell for help while you tug all the cords to see what gets yanked or dragged to the edge of the table and then you have your voila moment when you've tugged the right one.  All in all, taking you an annoying 5-10 minutes of your life. annoyed no is a great idea to label those cords using none other than bread bag ties!

I actually hate those bread bag ties and I get rid of them immediately when I open a package of bread.  My husband on the other hand reuses them to tie the bread bag, but I hate it...probably because I can't get it to tie the way it was initially, so I find no point in using them.  They also break easily.  But this idea is so brilliant  and organized that I'm ashamed its not my own.

Cheap, free and brilliant Cord Labels

Another way to label your cords, are with these super cute Cable Guys.  How awesome are these??

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