Friday, November 2, 2012

Spots is Sick

My little goldfish, Spots is sick :( I'm not sure what is wrong with him, but he has a large lump on his side and is starting to get red streaks in his fins and has some redness around his mouth.  He wasn't really interested in eating today either, which was a big sign for me that he's not feeling well.  I am now in panic mode trying to figure out what's going on with him.  I've had him for over 3 years now, so he's very dear to my heart.

I went to the pet store today and picked up some anti-bacterial medication (tetracycline), in case its septicemia (blood infection).  But, the lump might be a tumor, in which case, not much can be done for him :(  I called a pet store/clinic that said I can bring him in and they have a doctor that can take a look at him and maybe tell me what's wrong and/or give some injections to help or even ease his pain.  It's a bit expensive to take him in, and as my father "kindly" reminded me over the phone: "What? Doctor? It's a goldfish, who take's a goldfish to the doctor?".  Yes baba, I'm taking Spots to the doctor's if my "remedies" don't work, humph!

When my goldfish are sick, my world crumbles...what the heck am I going to do when I have kids...may God save me and those around me!

You can see the lump on the left poor baby :(

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