Sunday, November 4, 2012

RIP Spots

Spots passed away early this morning. I am devastated and too sad for words. I'm just glad he isn't suffering anymore.  Overnight he went from being lethargic to floating on his head, then to his side, then upside down.  He was gasping for air, thrashing around and trying really hard to stay upright.  Anyways...I will forgo the horrible details of his painful death, but it was terrible.  I didn't know what to do, and considered freezing him to alleviate his pain quicker, but wasn't sure if it was going to be more painful or not.  There are too many mixed opinions on the internet, it's hard to know what to do.  At the end, I just left him alone in his bowl, and watched him slowly take his last breath at around 8:45am.

I think deep down I knew something was wrong all night.  I couldn't get any sleep all night and kept waking up from strange dreams.  My mom even called me at 2am because she had a dream something was wrong with me.  I checked on him throughout the night and finally at 6am, I went to look at him, and the minute I saw Fishi on the opposite side of the tank, I knew something was wrong.  She never leaves his side when he's sick, but I think she could sense death.  So, anyways...that started the next few miserable hours of not knowing what to do.

I think I feel even more sad for Fishi.  She's all alone and lost her little friend. I'm not considering getting another goldfish, but they say goldfish are like humans and loneliness isn't good for them.  It can make them depressed and even sick.  So, I don't know, but for now, Fishi has a little white spot on her nose which is worrying me.  She's getting medicated for a potential bacterial infection and then another round of anti-parasitics, just to be on the safe side.

Sigh...and life continues at its regularly scheduled hectic-ness.

 Baby Spots back in the day.  He was a little orange fish.

And he grew into a beautiful white scaled fish...always missing the same scales as when I first got him (hence is name).

It was a great 3 years with you Spotsters.  I'm sorry for not taking better care of you and for not changing your water more often.  I hope you're in a better place with a very very very ginormous lake of water to swim in, with tons of food that will never make you sick.  You will be missed dearly.


  1. Beautifully written...we'll all miss him!

  2. So sorry to hear about Spots. I remember seeing him a couple of years ago as a cute baby fish. It's hard losing a friend, no matter what shape or form he/she/it was in. But think of the wonderful three years you had with him, and hopefully Fishy will have a friend again too!



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