Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blue and White Obsession Continued

My new blue and white porcelain carpet balls came in.  I came across them online at Save on Crafts, for a really great price, and just had to have them.  They came just in time for Thanksgiving weekend with my family.  My search is complete and I think they are perfect :) 


  1. It was sooo lovely; thank you so much!!!

  2. omgosh i LOVE these! So pretty :) My obsession with blue and white has been growing husband asked me if it was a phase, but I'll have to tell him to get used to it :)

    1. HAHA! When I got my carpet balls, I was so excited and when I showed my husband his immediate response was: "HUH? What are these for?. LOL, so I tried to explain and he just looked at me, "Carpet balls? For decor? They look like mini bowling balls. I can throw them!" Sigh...lets hope mine survive what my husband has planned for them, but I can assure you, this "phase" isn't going away anytime soon and yes they will just have to get used to it :D



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