Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Iranian New Year!!

Today is the start of the Iranian new year and the first day of spring.  YAY!  Happy Nowruz! It actually started at 4am this morning our time (vernal equinox as it is also called).  I wrote a post last on year on what it all means and the significance of each item that we place out on our table spread, but I listed it here again.

This year our little haftsin got a bit bigger, not sure why, but of course it still had to go where Fishi is, given she is one of the most important parts of it (as I was telling her to get her all excited and explain why there was a huge mirror blocking her view of the world).  I also added lights this year as I was feeling extra festive (take that school housing!).  My family is coming into town this weekend and my brother-in-law and his three munchkins are also visiting, so it's officially a large family renuion.  I love family gatherings, it's like Christmas but for us Persians...except this year it sucks because Nowruz fell right in the middle of the week :(   

So here is a list of the items included in the haftsin:

    - Sir (Garlic), symbolizes health and medicine
    - Samanu (Wheat germ pudding), symbolizes affluence
    - Senjed (Dried fruit from the Oleaster tree), symbolizes love
    - Sabzeh (Wheat, lentil or barley sprouted in a dish), symbolizes birth
    - Somaq (Dried sumac berries), symbolizes the color of sunrise
    - Sib (Apple), symbolizes beauty
    - Serkeh (Vinegar), symbolizes age and patience
    - Sekkeh (Coins), symbolizing wealth
    - Sonbol (Hyacinth plant), symbolizing the coming of spring (or tulips)
    - Holy Book (Quran), symbolizing wisdom
    - Ayneh (Mirror), symbolizing clarity
    - Sham (Candles), symbolizing enlightenment and happiness
    - Tokhmeh Morgeh Rangi (Colored eggs), symbolizing fertility
    - Bowl of goldfish in water, symbolizing life within life (fish within water)
    - Yummy and delicious Iranian pastries as well as nuts and dried fruit are 
       sometimes also included.

 Yes, you can see my camera, yes I tried very hard not to get it in the picture, no I don't care because you needed to see the haftsin from this angle :D

These are some beautiful tulips.  When I bought them, I thought they were going to be pink, but they are a mix of yellow and pink and are just amazingly beautiful.  I got lucky :)


My glittered eggs from last year.  I'm probably supposed to put fresh eggs every year, but ya...I like my glittered eggs :D 

Sekeh (Iranian coins)

 Sib (green apple), Samanu (the brown pudding) and Senjed (sumaq berries)

The Holy Quran

Garlic and Apple cider vinegar :D 
My huasband asked me why we don't have "normal" vinegar, and I said it's because this smells better, but to be honest, it's what we had and I was really lazy to go buy some. 



Happy Nowruz!
Eid-e-Nowruz Mubarak! :)


  1. Beautiful haft seen! Beautiful arrangement and beautiful tulips! What a artiste!!!

  2. So beautiful! Everything looks amazing Dehdee :) Happy Nowruz! Hope you had a wonderful time with all your fam!



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