Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy New Year

The Iranian/Persian new year is finally upon us.  It is called Nowruz, which means new (now) day (ruz) and is on the first day of spring (March Equinox).  It is a very ancient tradition that is practiced by many of the countries surrounding Iran or those that were influenced by the Persian Empire (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan...).  

As I've mentioned before, as part of the new year celebrations, we lay out a spread of various items called the Haftsin (Haft=7 Sin=letter S) that each symbolizes an important part of daily life and sustenance.  These items include:

Sir (Garlic), symbolizes health and medicine
Samanu (Wheat germ pudding), symbolizes affluence
Senjed (Dried fruit from the Oleaster tree), symbolizes love
Sabzeh (Wheat, lentil or barley sprouted in a dish), symbolizes birth  
Somaq (Dried sumac berries), symbolizes the color of sunrise
Sib (Apple), symbolizes beauty and eggs
Serkeh (Vinegar), symbolizes age and patience
Sekkeh (Coins), symbolizing wealth
Sonbol (Hyacinth plant), symbolizing the coming of spring
Holy Book (Quran), symbolizing wisdom
Ayneh (Mirror), symbolizing clarity 
Sham (Candles), symbolizing enlightenment and happiness
Tokhmeh Morgeh Rangi (Colored eggs), symbolizing fertility (usually one for each family member)
Bowl of goldfish in water, symbolizing life within life (fish within water)
Yummy and delicious Iranian pastries as well as nuts and dried fruit are sometimes also included.

Our Haftsin 
(The haftsin had to go where my goldfish were, haha, on the counter.  
More pictures to come when I get back home)

Haftsin at my grandparents house

Haftsin at my parents

Apologies on the not so great pictures.  I broke my camera months back and all I have to work with is my cell phone for now!
I wish everyone a really great year to come, with much health, happiness, and success.

Happy Nowruz!

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  1. Your photos are great - make the haft seens look fabulous!



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