Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shawl Re-Sizing

As a hijabi, i'm always on the lookout for cute shawls (I prefer shawls over scarves) but sometimes the shawls are way too big for my taste.  I have a few that are extra extra large/long but that I still buy because they were really cute and colors I need (you know...outfit matching and all).  I was getting tired of having to figure out ways to wrap them so that they sat well and at the same time avoiding the extra puff around my neck.  So, I decided to cut them...I mean DUH right, but I was worried about them unraveling since they are a knit cotton.  But, I decided to give it a try.

Here's what I did:

 I have a handful of these that are super cute but big.

 Like SUPER SUPER big.

I took a shawl that I always wear (a size I like) and lined it up with the larger shawl.  I cut about an inch away from the size I wanted to add a small hem. 

 I sewed a small zig zag pattern the length of the cut hem, to prevent it from unraveling.  Keep the fabric really tawt on both sides while sewing as this kind of fabric can tear very easily 

 See those stringy things...yup that stuff can cause the whole shawl to unravel.

 I rolled the hem over twice and ironed it down.

I re-sewed using a straight pattern and ironed the hem down again to remove the "bumpy" look.

 They feel like new :) I can now wear my favorite scarves comfortably!!


  1. SOOOO clever! WOW! And you say you can't sew?

  2. Save me the extra fabric - always good for quilts, clothes for the Boogies, etc.!



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