Monday, February 25, 2013

My Weekend

I hate Mondays and I especially hate this one because I didn't do anything productive this past weekend no thanks to Downton Abbey and I didn't get through Season 3 and it's killing me and all I want to do right now is go home and watch it.  I'm having dreams about's's brain is on a Downton Abbey high. 

I went out for a bit on Saturday to see some friends and made a quick stop at my favorite store.  It really rejuvenates me, even if I don't buy anything.  Then I raced home and spent the next 6 hours getting through season 1 and then spent all day Sunday watching season 2.  I tried to do things while I was watching it, like fold laundry, but it's one of those shows that I really have to pay attention to because they all speak in code.  God...what is with these British! And, Mary will you marry Matthew already...GEEZ!   

And, I made the mistake of wikipediaing the show to get the cast names down in the beginning, and what do you know...spoiler alert.  Now, as I watch the show, I know who's going to marry who, who dies and so forth and it's really upsetting.  Damn you Wikipedia.

Here are some pictures of really cute pieces I found at TJMaxx that I would totally have bought had I had the space :) My hubby's lucky we live in a tiny place.

Totally a piece for a library bookshelf.  
Oh...I want these blue cups!
Wouldn't these large candle "lamps" be adorable in a garden?

 I really love this table, especially the cute curled legs.  I think it would look adorable in a girls room or even in a study :) Maybe painted white??

Oh I love thee!

 My new obsession: ceramic/porcelain filigree jars.  Me totally wants one in white and teal.

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  1. I LOVE TJ Maxx/Home Goods - especially the one in your area. The BEST!!



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