Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Weekend

Albeit short, it was nice to be with family.  I already miss my mommy :(

I still have so many mixed emotions in my head, but accepting that it's ok to move on and enjoying the little things in life is slowly beginning to help.

Ladies tea party with home made pecan pie.

Kisses from Mimi for my mommy.

Visiting a friend and her cute apartment.

 Chinese food with terrible service...but the tea was great.

Catching up on my TV shows while enjoying the thin layer of fog taking over the yard, with a cup of tea.

Tea time with my family and a nice warm fire.
Can you tell, there is an ongoing theme with all these pictures: TEA (haha!).

Airport nick nacks are so cute.
 For about 30 seconds, I considered buying this tea pot set, but then I realized it was $60. Scratch that thought.

Hope everyone had a restful long weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely pictures! Wonderful tea! Great fire and kisses from Mimmy! What else could be heaven?



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