Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stephen Wiltshire

Have you ever heard of Stephen Wiltshire?  He is an amazing artist who can draw any cityscape, skyline, or scene from heart.  He is also autistic, which makes his talent even more amazing.

"In May 2005 Stephen was invited to Tokyo, to complete his biggest ever panoramic drawing of this vibrant city, well known for its modern architecture. 
...One of Stephen's extraordinary abilities is to memorise landscapes up to the highest detail. During this flight he had a thorough look at the view of the Japanese capital from the helicopter, including thousands of buildings, towers, highways, cars, buses, even down to intricate details of trees and windows...Up on the roof above the 54th floor, an amazing scene burst upon his view. Stephen had another look at areas which he had not seen from the helicopter, and after a short while he was ready to start his masterpiece. After a short discussion he was ready to start the 10 meters long panoramic artwork. From this moment Stephen had only his exceptional memory to recall and draw the full landscape building by building.
Throughout the 7 days Stephen sketched from morning to evening. He seemed to be so fascinated that only his 6 o'clock beep from his watch could stop him for the day...
Day after day the 360 degrees view was slowly emerging and gradually built up to the most amazing drawing of Tokyo drawing ever produced."

London Gallery
To be able to draw with such exquisite detail, all from memory is an amazing talent.  His drawings are for sale, although a bit out of my price range.   Maybe someday I'll get to visit his gallery and see the drawings in person, and maybe pick up a piece while I'm there ;)



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