Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Bird Feeders

I have often thought about having a bird feeder on my balcony.  We aren't allowed to have anything attached to the walls or the railings (and then again we aren't allowed to have pets including fish, and I have 2), but I think I could figure something out.  I've often seen hummingbirds come around my flowers and even butterfly's.  It would be lovely to have some little birds or finches.  I don't like the standard bird feeders you see in stores, as they are big, bulky and just plain ugly.  But, as I was combing through pinterest, I came across this.  What a great idea, and cute too might I add. I am definitely going to give this a try (when I have time, sigh).

Then again, I will have to think about attracting unwanted neighbors to my balcony.  I can only imagine the mess they would make.  I don't have many trees nearby, so I think I'm safe from squirrels (so I think).  But maybe I should just see what happens :D

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