Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a Surprise!

So Friday comes around and again, I was in lab till about 8pm.  I head home, completely tired, hungry and frustrated, dreading Saturday, when I will have to come back in, to work on some more experiments.  I get home at around 8:30pm and my husband texts me and says he's at his parents.  Being too tired to really care that i'm home alone on a Friday night, I decide maybe to just eat dinner (since he's going to be awhile, i'm sure) but then decide i'll wait a bit longer.  At 9pm, I get really hungry from waiting and text my husband to see what he's doing, wondering why all this time, my mother in law hadn't called me all week to tell me to come over for dinner (Friday nights we usually go over for dinner).  I assumed they were busy or invited somewhere else or maybe they expected me to just show up (but I was too tired to do anything).  So my husband responds back and says he's with his brother and they are out and about (thinking to myself huh...what are they doing, but fine...his brother needs him, I'll just watch tv).  Then 10 minutes later my husband calls me and says "is it ok if we come over" of course, I said yes and got up and thought about tidying up the place, but really didn't care if my brother-in-law saw my house a little messy (I never do this...but I was really dead).  So I call him back and say, i'm hungry, if you guys are coming over, bring me food.  So my husband says ok, we'll go out for dinner, be ready and we'll swing by and get you.  So I lounge around on the couch, waiting for them, when the door bell rings.  I'm again, too lazy/tired/dead to get up, so my husband walks in and behind him walks in MY BROTHER! AHHHH...I start to scream, soooo excited that he's here, not believing my eyes.  So all those lame excuses from my husband were because he went to pick him up at the airport, haha. My brother flew down to surprise me for the weekend!  The punk hasn't come to visit me in almost a year...what a surprise.

We go out for dinner at San Giovanni's pizza.  A cute little family owned halal pizzeria.  

They get some interesting tasting Mexican drinks (I can't remember what they're called) and I usually get water with food, but they forced me to drink lemonade (I succumbed).
 We ordered an all meat pizza (I thought it wouldn't be too bad, but I realize now, I HATE meat on pizza)

So of course, all of a sudden I have all this energy, but little does he know, i'm dragging him to lab on Saturday (ALL DAY) while I finish up my experiments (mwahahaha).  Sorry love, I had no choice! It was a great weekend though, and as all great things come to an end, he flew back Sunday afternoon :(

Come visit me again...SOON!!!!


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  2. In response to the said story, I have been informed that my lack of communication or interest in this blog has lead to certain problems within my household. Hence I have taken the time to read up on some of the main articles and to express my emotions. Yes my sisters elation at my arrival (as is to be expected...please lol) was kind of strange...she looked at me and 2 seconds later started to scream lol. Was an awesome weekend filled with loud noises, lewd and disgusting jokes and pizza....couldnt ask for a better time!

    1. I'm so glad that you made her happy! Always keep in touch and connection with each other!



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