Friday, February 24, 2012

Another week's gone by...

Well, its Friday again.  What a week!  I have been so busy and stressed and I think I have come down with a cold that started with a horrible toothache 2 nights ago, and now that the toothache is gone (weirdly enough) my ear is killing me.  Here we go again...another ear infection (my last one was in December, what the heck??).  I couldn't get a doctor's appointment today, so I'm going to hope/pray that somehow I don't get sicker over the weekend, and if I do, 5 hour wait at urgent care, here I come.

I'm crossing my fingers and praying hard that my results work today.  This whole week would have been a waste.  Please God, please help me!

But on a happier note, it's Friday! I am not planning experiments this weekend (though I probably should), becasue I don't feel good, so humph Dr. F!

Fishi and Spots have a new home and they will be moving in sometime this weekend! More updates on that to come :D

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