Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

I love a big organized kitchen.  The more cabinets, the more room to hide things, and of course the more room for all the crazy cool dishes and things to buy. The kitchen in my small apartment is much better than what I had before because it has LOTS of cabinets, but I lack the counter space I really need and its not the prettiest looking.  Living in a small apartment is really difficult, especially when you see pictures like these.  Maybe someday I'll get lucky and I'll have a cute house with a cute/big kitchen like this...sigh...

 One of my favorites.  Maybe its the pink flowers :)

Another favorite.  Albeit not a white cabinet (which is what I seem to gravitate towards), but the teal colors are just perfect.  I love this shade of blue green/teal!

 I wish I had the room for a china hutch/cabinet.  Someday...

So when I get my dream house (pictures to come) and dream kitchen, then one of the first things I'm going to get is one of these.  I have no space for this now, but someday I'll make sure I do :D
Can't decide if I want it in Teal, Red or Yellow...oh the choices...

 Of course, white cabinets are not kid friendly (for those with, or thinking about having kids), but you know what, its called a magic eraser! Just saying!

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  1. Can I have multiple kitchens? One for each day of the week? Just a little change....wouldn't that be nice?



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