Thursday, November 21, 2013

Snippets from the week

I haven't had time for my normal everyday posts for a few reasons. School, school, Pure Barre, school and life!

This past month I signed up for the 20 day challenge at Pure Barre - 20 days in 30 days. It's been really hard to keep up with my schedule and I've been exhausted every night due to it, but I'm happy to say I have 5 more days to go and I will have met the challenge.  I have already started to see changes and I feel really good. Tired, but good. I have been forcing myself to exercise at least 4 days a week and for the past 2 months, I've been doing just that. I have also been biking to work most days, which has also helped. Have I lost a pound, well, I've lost a measly 3! But, they say muscle is more dense than fat, or that fat is replaced by muscle and therefore the scale won't move but you will look thinner. Well, I want the scale to move OKAY. Is that so much to ask for, jeez!!  So, I like to think I've lost more, but it's just all muscle baby! Ya! Sigh...not satisfied yet. I'm in this for the long run. So, I've accepted the fact that the changes I want to see are going to take a while and that I need to also watch the food I consume. Well, that's the harder part...but it's a work in progress.

That's my rant for today. Here are a few pix from the week, oh and it rained today :)

Beautiful masks I really considered buying - when my parents were visiting a few weekends ago...ok, so this isn't from this week! :D 

 Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies - see here for the recipe!

 Rocky and his usual antics

Something about this leaf reminded me of the cartoon 'The Land Before Time', from when I was small :)

 New candle holders my mom bought me :) I'm in love with them!

 Hello radishes :)

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  1. Lovely images!!! Keep up with the blogs - we all love them!



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