Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coffee Table Organization

Living in a tiny apartment has its ups and downs, but there are times (many times) that I start to go crazy when things start to pile up due to a lack of space. Lately I've been getting more annoyed than normal and have been trying to find ways to make our tight space work, while still enjoying where I live.

Our coffee table is the dumping ground for mail and all those miscellaneous items in our house, mostly since our living room and front door are within reach of each other (sigh!). It looks clean now, HA, but you should see it when it's not picture worthy. I cleaned it yesterday (that's why it looks clean), so it's good till tomorrow when the week starts again. Well, there's nothing you can do but make it work. I saw a basket at Marshalls and at first didn't think anything of it, but when I came home and was looking at my coffee table, I had an epiphany. This would be perfect! I ran (well drove) back and bought it and it's perfect for what I needed.

THE coffee table

Empty space than can be used :D 

 THE Basket

New dumping ground :) I'm so excited!

I love my new basket. I think it's going to make my coffee table less of a mess and more organized and useful. I love me some good organization!!

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  1. Oh WOW! Amazing - and what a great idea! Good going!



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