Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Under Sink Cabinet Organization

I have been cogitating over how to organize the mess that is The Cabinet Under My Bathroom Sink.  I had a lot of random products (of course all belonging to yours truly) that were all over the place and nothing seemed to stay where it was supposed to.  I had originally bought a stacker shelf to "help" with the mess...but it just didn't last...or really help.

I finally decided enough was enough...I had to get it organized.  It was an eye sore and I could never find anything.  Also, if anyone ever went looking for anything in there, such as guests in search of toilet paper, it would be very embarrassing. 

I went to Tar-jay and purchased 2 small stacking baskets and a white ice cube bin, which I got on sale because no one knew what it was and it was the last one with no tag.  I got it for $2.00 cheaper than what it goes for originally :D I actually didn't know that it was an ice cube bin when I got it, but it was the exact size I was looking for...woohoo...A STEAL!


It's not perfect, but it works for now.

 I needed something to keep all the annoying cordy-appliances and accessories, such hair straightener  curler and hair dryer with all its extra parts.  This was the PERFECT thing for that.  Easy to reach/access and put back.

Who woulda though an ice cube tray could make me so happy :D 


  1. Wow! Well, we've got two bathrooms and a kitchen sink. Wanna fix 'em?

    1. Sure thing, and I think your closet (cough) could definitely do for a makeover?? :D Big Lots and Target here we come!



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