Friday, December 7, 2012

Fishi Loves Oranges

So the last month has been a nightmare (not just because of school), but Fishi has been sick since spots passed away.  When I treated them with tetracycline it turned the water ORANGE RED. Yuck!!

Look at my cutie pie with that innocent face. 

Oh my God, I have never seen such dark depressing water.  It took me over a month and some 10 water changes to finally get the water back to normal.  All they tell you on the back of the box is, "...slight water discoloration may occur".  I'm sorry, how is orange a slight water discoloration.  Geez!  And, they fail to tell you how to really get the color to go away.

For those out there looking for a solution to the effects of Tetracycline:
Fresh activated carbon every week and water changes every 2-3 days for a month.  

The constant water changes put Fishi into shock though and she started to act sick again.  Sulking around, not eating, bloated and overall didn't look like herself.  I'm not sure if it was the constant water changes, the effects of the medications, or depression from missing her friend.

Fishi's water eventually got back to normal, and then she started to show signs of a parasitic infection, I'll spare you all the nasty details, but I really thought she was a goner.  I started treating her with an anti-parasitic for a week.  Her water became a nasty cloudy color and she was just not a happy camper.  All the plants were covered in a layer of white guck and I have no idea why.  It took me over a few hours to clean every single plant in there...washing/scratching off the algea that seemed to thrive under the medication.

Anyways, after over a month of this craziness, Fishi is back to normal and all is well in our household (minus the unwanted stress of school...more to come on that later).

She has become an extremely picky eater, she spits out her fish flakes, only eats pellets and now has a love for oranges and tangerines and of course her favorite, peas.

Tonights snack: Tangerine slice

 Mommy...stop taking pictures of me...sheesh!

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  1. Yayyy, Fishi! Demand a choice of food! Good goin' , girl!



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