Monday, July 2, 2012


Parasailing...if you've never been, put it on your list of things to do!  All I can really say is, WOW.   It was amazing.  The take off was the best!  As you get jerked into the air you feel as though you're flying.  Once you're up there though, everything is quiet.  It was so peaceful and calm.  No sounds, no people, just you and the air around you.  The views were gorgeous and the feeling was great.  I can't wait to go again!

 Ferry to Balboa Island

A pigeon catching a free ride.

 There's our boat...

and our captain and first mate.  They were so great!   

 Strapped in, shoes off! I'm ready!

 There goes the parachute...with a woosh.

 We have lift off! 

 So many times we got really close to the water and I could feel my heart sink.  I was so afraid of falling in and getting wet.  They were nice to us and didn't get us into the water, but other's weren't as luck.y

 There goes the brother.  He had to ride solo.  Good thing he did, there was something special planned for him, haha.

 There he goes...into the water...haha...dunk!

 He got dunked twice :D  Completely dunked, soaked...wet...haha. 

Wrapping the parachute was really interesting to watch. As it came down, they started to quickly grab, grab, grab ever inch of it so that it wouldn't hit the water. I have to say, maneuvering the boat the way they did, to bring you close to the water and then allow you to go back into the air and back down to the water is truly an art. They have some mad skills.

What a really great day.

As we were getting off, the captain warned me with a big smile that next time he would dunk me as well.  Haha, I'll have to be ready :D  Thank you Balboa Parasail for such a great experience!

Sheagull, I'm glad you came.  I know it was a hard weekend for you, but come visit me again, ok?? 
Fyi: This is your second chance about you know what ;)    

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