Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jewelry Organization

I love jewelry, what girl doesn't.  Well, I know a few, but that's besides the point.  For those jewelry lovers that have too much (yes, you know who are...cough, me!) there has to be better ways to store/organize them.  I had a post a few months back (DIY Necklace Organizer) to help organize necklaces, but what about the other stuff...bracelets, rings, earrings, scarf pins (if you're a hijabi).  It's always nice to have everything all in one place, so you know what you have and can find other pieces to match (rather than rummage through numerous boxes, thinking you might have something when you really don't).  But, if they are all organized together, life is simple.  Well, here are some great ideas that I've collected over the last few months.

This is what I really want.  A standing mirror that turns into a secret jewelry armoire.  What could be better??  It's all there for you to see at once, with easy access behind a mirror, while safe from the elements as well (my pet peeve).  Sigh...someday you shall be mine...someday!!!

Now, I am not a fan of jewelry displayed for all to see, but some of these are really great and creative ideas for those who do.  

Lace used as earring hangers...brilliant!  One of my favorites. 

Funky much?


Luxe and Lillies

Not a fan of the boxy look, but smart idea.
Geek Living



This is a great idea if you're one of those people that loves dishes, but never knows what to do with those few mis-matched bowls/plates that you just had to have. Of course, you have to have the room to do this as well.
Martha Stewart

Or adorably cute teacups...gosh...sigh...

Everything Fab

Household 6 diva

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Thats Heart

Centsational Girl

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  1. I like the first one, but the lace idea is really cute!



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