Saturday, May 19, 2012

A day in the micro lab

While my students were slaving away, I tried to inconspicuously snap pictures of them (mwahahaha).  A few asked what I was doing and if I was going to make the pictures my facebook profile.  Seriously? How nerdy do you think I am?

They are a really great bunch this quarter though and although I have a few that just rub me the wrong way (there are always a few) it is a much more relaxed environment.  I think this has to do with the fact that all of my students are seniors, graduating this quarter, so they are much more mature, respectful and independent.  I have also learned to relax more and careless about things that go wrong or those few annoying students.  I get on my soap box every now and then, but I have learned to really control my anger, and always smile when students come to ask me questions, even if you want to bash their heads in the wall after I've repeated myself a million times.  And I have 25 less students than last quarter, so its much more manageable.  I also have less to grade, THANK GOD!  Speaking of grading, I have 20 lab reports to grade this!

 My handwriting always looks weird on the board.  I haven't mastered the "write in a straight line" yet.

Sterilizing the loop used to streak a plate.

Bacteria in slants!  You don't want to know where those bacteria were taken from, trust me!

The one annoying thing about this class is that the professor stops by every lab to check in.  I have stopped caring after a while and actually look forward to it because the students will leave me alone and ask all their questions from him.  They think I know everything, yet little do they know, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.  I'm a biochemist, not a microbiologist.  Geez!

 Antibiotic resistant test.  This is what a "kirby bauer" plate looks like.  The white "pellets" are antibiotic wafers and the clear circles/zones are regions where the bacteria died.  The larger the zone of inhibition, the less resistant the bacteria.  

This has been an enjoyable class...I've also learned a lot from it, although I don't admit that to the students ;)

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  1. So nice to have a good class...makes it all worthwhile!



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