Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Month

Sunday was my 28th birthday (pictures and details to come...sorry, I've been swamped with work).  Today was a co-workers b-day and tomorrow is my brothers!  I love April and May...they are busy busy birthday months.

I surprised my co-worker with flowers (peach colored roses), cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with orea cookie frosting) and a card everyone in the lab signed.  I think she was really surprised and happy!  I love surprising people and seeing the look on their faces (its the best gift).  People always need a little pick me up.

Eating a cupcake with tea (of course!!!) while analyzing data.  The cupcakes were really good...I had 2...I'm in a lot of trouble.  I really need to get to my exercise class tonight or else!

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