Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Resolution

Yes, it is the 6th of January, but it's never too late to start a resolution list.  I usually make one in my head at the start of every year, yet fail to accomplish even one thing on the list.  I've decided to write the list down this year and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to scratch a few things off, if not all.

Here it goes:
1.  Read the whole Quran.
2.  Get back into horse riding (post-injury).
3.  Complete/start a few knitting projects I have in mind.
4.  Start my new scrapbook.
5.  Get a better handle on my doctoral research (what the heck I'm actually doing).
6.  Become more social (aka, interact more with people/friends and network for the future)!
7.  Put more time aside to read GOOD books.
8.  Get back to a normal exercising regimen (and lose a few pounds with that).
9.  Keep this blog going (I know its going to be hard with all my work...but I think it will be great!)
10. Train myself to wake up earlier!

With that, good luck to all of you with resolutions to fulfill! :)


  1. To the p'erson who has made this interesting, albeit comp'lete waste of time, BLOG... GOOD EVENING! How are you? EXCELLENT! Well, I am glad that you have finally dec'ided to find an easier pers'pective on life. I personally believe that people need to find ways of releasing the te'nsion they gather within themselves through construc'tive a'nd healthy outlet's. Which is why I have recently joined a small organiz'ation known as randompersonslapper. YES! This healthy organizat'ion allows me the ability to walk around and occasionally slap the annoying person near me. Fo'r example: "sitting in the train while guy near me is on the pho'ne" "JOE! HI HOW ARE YOU? YOU SIR! HELLO! YES! IM WELL AND YOURSELF? EXCELLENT! HAHAHA'HAHAHA! YOU DONT SAY! YOU DO....uhhh can I help y... SLAP! Ahhhh the sweet sweet satisfaction after you've slapped your first annoying person. There's no other feeling like it. There are however minor repercussions when that person happens to be a family member who casually employs a 2' by 4' making your adulation short lived buuuuttttt its still worth it. Id put it next to kicking the crap out of your annoying neighbor whose dog decided it was time to get up at 3 AM! ...I am forgetting my point in writing this...point is there are HEALTHY OUTLETS out there and I am glad you found one......AANNNDDD to add to this little game my mother has kindly pointed out that I am missing 10 apostrophes and have mispelled some words....ITS A BLOG WOMAN...just to be annoying I am going to refuse to add the apostrophes...muahahahahahahaha... SLAP! OW MOTHER! THATS MY IDEA!.......fine i've added them....and some others in the wr'ong places ju'st to be a'nnoyin'g m'uaha'hahahahah'hahaha.... S'LAP! OW'!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, I think it's lovely - especially the cherry blossoms, the teapot and the teacup. Whoever that "know it all" above is, pay no attention! Let's have some tea beneath the cherry blossoms and maybe Lynda will bring us some pie - yummm!



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